Jesus Old Members Group AGM 2017

Dear Fellow Member


This year, in accordance with the the permission granted in Rule 5 of the revised group rules passed at the 2013 AGM, the AGM will be ‘virtual’ for the reasons that are set out below. We shall however meet informally on the morning following Alumni Annual Dinner (the new title for the Jesus Society Dinner) which will be held on Friday 31st March 2017. We hope that you will both attend the dinner and join us on the Saturday morning to express your ideas and thoughts on the events, communication and administering of our Group.

From the Treasurer’s Report, which is attached, you will see that the specific financing commitments made by the Group have now been completed with our substantial ongoing support of current members of College being made through the College Annual Fund. Consequently, the main aim of the Group and the focus of the Committee is developing the social interaction between members. Taking account of this, it does not seem necessary for us to hold a meeting to conduct the small amount of formal business we have.

The virtual AGM, for which relevant papers are attached with this note, will be held from your receipt of this note. You will be able, through me, to put forward any comments, matters of correction, requests for clarification, additional matters of business or objections related to the AGM items and papers. I will respond to any issue and set up a discussion with members, should that be necessary. Any significant matters will be discussed on the Saturday morning, 1st April.

The Committee will be at the Alumni Dinner and surrounding programme arranged by the College. On the Saturday, we have arranged through College that one of our sponsored students will give a talk to us, after which, we will have our get together over coffee. This will replace the AGM, will allow more informal conversations about the College and the Group, and will provide more flexibility in timings and in the shared activities of Group members on the Saturday.

We look forward to seeing you at the Dinner and Saturday morning.

Yours sincerely

Paul Seward

Agenda for the JOMG AGM 2017
AGM 2017 Chairman’s Report
AGM 2017 Treasurer’s Report and Accounts